Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Download SA Flash Player 9

Flash player download no longer supports a local flash player. It only supports playing flash from within a web browser. You may also insert and play your flash files from within a PowerPoint slide. To see how to do this for PowerPoint 2007 click here. For PowerPoint 2002 & 2003 click here. I have a copy of the Stand Alone Flash 8 player that you can use. I'm pretty sure there is a Flash 9 SA player out there. If anyone has a copy and wants to send it to me I will replace my version 8 with version 9 on this site. The download is a self extracting zip file. Once you download it, double click it and then click "Unzip". This will place the file SAFlashPlayer.exe in the following location. C:\Program Files\Adobe\SA_Flash_Player. Now double click any flash .SWF file on your hard drive and choose to browse for an application to play it. Navigate to the SAFlashPlayer.exe file and select it. Make sure to put a check mark in the box that will always use this application to open .swf files.

Download : http://www.mediafire.com/?1ccot80i7m41xk6