Wednesday, August 10, 2011


There're lots of ways & method help people learning English or language on the world, this topic will always make professional English research nonstop. For me there is 7 basic steps to learn English that people can study by themself.
Imazing you are in the restaurant and you have to follow these steps :

Step 1 : Read the menupeople should practice reading skill when you have the menu or the other can read. this is reading skill.    

Step 2 : Oder a meal and ask the waiter or waitress advicewith this step people will improve speaking skill.
Step 3 : Understand waiter advicefor example when a waiter says : would you like small or medium size ? and you have to answer. It's  helpful for your listening.

Step 4 : Understand friend and waiter chattingthis step want you try to listen whatever your friend and the waiter talking when you are in the restaurant

Step 5 : Chat with waiter or waitress in simple topicsimple topic can be : weather, movies, food, .....people have enough confident  when talking with the waiter  

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