Monday, July 25, 2011

Fwd: Answer some inetrview questions

This article is about common phone interview questions to ask, whether you are the interviewer or the candidate.
 First, we'll list a number queries that an applicant should ask near end of the interview. Next, we'll write some valuable questions every interviewer should ask his candidate in order to screen him before accepting him to the face to face interview.

Phone interview questions to ask the interviewer: 
remember, you don't have to ask all these questions, but you have plenty time during a phone interview to ask several of these: 
- If this isn't a new opening, what happened to the last person who held this job? 
- What potential career opportunities do I have in this department? 
- What's the most challenging part of this job? 
- How many days per week is overtime expected? 
- How is this job going to be day to day? 
- When can I hear from you? 
- How is the salary compared to the medium salary? 
- How long is the training period? 
- Describe the ideal candidate. 
- What are the immediate steps after this phone interview? 
- If I get this job, when can I start?

Phone interview questions to ask the candidate: 
don't forget, these are the questions an employer will ask the applicant. If you're an applicant try to respond these questions: 
- What's your experience in this domain? 
- How did you leave your last 3 jobs? 
- What salary do you expect to get? 
- Are you a team player? 
- Why should we pick you for this position? 
- Describe your best professional achievement. 
- What's your biggest professional failure? 
- Are you willing to work overtime? 
- Do fellow workers bother you in any way?

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