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Study in Australia

Study in Australia

How oversea students buy a car in Australia ?

Posted: 30 Jul 2011 02:30 AM PDT

 the easy answer have got money, but when a student going to buy a car these some knowledge will help you before buying car :
There are 3 different ways to buy a car :
1)     Private sale :  you can see it on newspaper, on internet… most of people often sell their car by this way
2)     Auction : it usually happen with luxury or high price cars. For student, no need using this way.
3)     Dealer : there's many dealer with many choices for cars…. People often go to the dealer's showroom to buy car.
The advantages and disadvantages of each car sale source :
Every ways almost have advantages and disadvantages of their own, so it's up to student's condition and money.
·        Private sale : you can buy a car with someone by their advertising on the newspaper or internet that's really advantage. But it's not reliable and not sure about the quality of the car and with this way we have to pay a money for car service again. The seller often don't tell us the RWC (roadworthy certificate) because in Victoria certificate of Roadworthy is generally required when a vehicle is sold or if it is ready to be re-registered.
·        Auction : we can buy a car with the best prices and no need to worry about the quality because it was check by the auction organization and in some cases, we might be own low prices. But, there is not lot of the auctions and people often sale the expensive car at the auctions, sometimes the auction far away from home.
·        Dealer : there are many dealer and many choices for buying a car with flexible prices for everyone when we go to the dealer. All the car in good condition and have the  warranty by the dealer, normally they have service center, they maybe give us the feeling of peace when make a deal. But, their prices is always more expensive than other ways and sometimes we encounter with the unreliable dealer.
The responsibility when we are the owner of a car :
 Always make the safety for people, the car, the other vehicles on the street
Must have licence before driving
Remember go to car service, buy insurance for the car on-time
A suitable car for student :
Convenience is most factor important for everyones . As a student I bought  a second hand car ,it is Toyota corolla 90, about $2500, I use it for my part-time job. People in Australia should have their own car because it's useful when traffic beside train, trams and bus.

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