Monday, July 25, 2011

Fwd: The Best Time In Year To Sell A Home

Putting a house or condo on the market may have someone wondering when the best time of year to do it is. There are a few things to consider when placing a listing for sale. The best time in year to sell a home could depend on the interest rates and on the season. Learning how to showcase some of a property's best attributes, could help the listing to sell quickly.

When a property has a beautiful garden and landscaped lawn, the homeowner may want to consider using the summer months to showcase their listing. While the spring may have warmer weather, the grass may not be as green as it could be. When a home looks its best during the summer, it could be the ideal season for a seller.

Gardens can still look great even in the beginning of fall. Toward the end of the season, the garden may begin to look muddy and run down as the rain and cold weather approaches. Placing a house on the market when the lighting outside is dark and gloomy, may not give a house it's best ability to shine. While a house or condo may be bright and welcoming during brighter months, during the end of fall, the lighting inside may reflect the weather outside.

Grand pool and deck areas should be displayed during an open house. When a homeowner has placed great effort into their backyard space, they will want to show it off during an open house. Deck areas, outdoor bars, built in BBQ units and spectacular pools can really help to sell a house. Using a cold winter month to place the house on the market, may not show some of it's best features.

A house that does not have a garden or landscaped space, could be placed on the market during the snowy winter months. Snow covered lawns can often hide less than perfect grass and lack of flower beds. When a buyer is looking through a home in the winter, they may not notice the lack of landscaping or flower beds outside. They can use their own imagination to plan and visualize how they may decorate the outdoor space.

The interest rate that is posted could be a deciding factor on the buyers market. A low rate or speculation of an increase in rates, could have buyers looking to purchase a house or condo quickly. When a seller pays attention to the market and the posted rates, they could use that information to place their listing for sale.

Lack of AC in a property may have a seller placing their home for sale in the colder seasons. Allowing people to view a home when it is hot and the house is also warm and sticky, could scare buyers away rather than lure them in. AC units can be expensive to put in a house and could be on the buyer's mind if they tour the listing.

Discovering the best time in year to sell Homes for Sale Courtice may depend on a few important factors. The interest market could be a huge deciding factor in whether a property will sell fast or not. Certain seasons may be able to showcase a listing when it looks it's best.


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